C1 Short-term joint staff training event in Kavala, Greece (November 19th-21th, 2019) - "Initial training"

  • The project coordinators and teachers attended

    the short-term joint staff training event

    at the 6th Senior High School of Kavala (6th GEL of Kavala)

    held from November 19th to November 21st 2019


    During the training event the teachers worked on:

    a) their ICT skills through workshops on eTwinning, tools supporting project management like Slack and Trello and cloud computing,

    b) project management by agreeing on a common set of rules related to the project management, conflict management strategies and risk management,

    c) developing a detailed action plan, including specific responsibilities and tasks of each partner school and revising the project outline,

    d) planning a detailed evaluation scheme, including the template for the evaluation survey and

    e) creating in-school Rules of Procedure and other necessary documents.

    TIMETABLE_Meeting_KAVALA_Destination Happiness.docx

    Team Greece_Workshop on TwiSpace.pdf

    Team Greece_Workshop on Trello & Slack.pdf