C6 Short-term exchanges of groups of pupils in Uhersky Brod, the Czech Republic (January 24th-28th, 2022) - "De-stress yourself!"

  • Topic of the mobility in the Czech Republic is stress and how to relieve it. We have prepared various ways how to look at stress, happiness and relief. 

    We have considered several themes that influence our mood, such as being someone else as in Music Theraphy (the role of a blind girl), then trying to manage our time and avoid stress situations because of procrastination, visiting a home of many people and see that not always our plans of perfect house bring us happiness, visiting a basilica a sacred place where people come to find there piece, see underwater world and try to be connnected as much to nature as possible and experience sport and army activity that can be fun but stress at once. The final product is the snapshot video presenting happiness and stress hand in hand during our mobility week. 


    Welcoming by Czech headmaster Rostislav Šmíd

    Icebreakers - getting to know each other via online way

    Videos introducing each other

    Stress relieving techniques: Music Theraphy Workshop by Kristýna

    Prioritising and Time management workshop by Matěj

    Stress methods, empathy, emotional intelligence: The Villa Tugendhat as an expression of happiness, stress and relief



    Brno Virtual Trip - Romanian Team


    Stress relief and mindfulness: The Basilika of Saint Mary in Velehrad

    Velehrad Virtual Trip - Romanian Team


    Stress, relief and their connection to nature: The Živá Voda Modrá

    Sport as a stress reilef solution: Laser Game

    Snapshot Video presentation workshop

    Final product

    snapshot videos