Online Project Meeting - 10th June 2021

  • Another virtual meeting within Module 3 was aimed at bringing up the following aspects:

    • our contact with nature vs. our well-being
    • our perfect natural surroundings vs. our health
    • 'you are what you eat'?

    Working in pairs and groups, students discussed:

    • how they might be beneficially affected by the contact with nature
    • whether it is possible to measure the impact that the natural enviroment has on the quality of our life, our physical & mental health
    • what their ideal natural surroundings is, what activities in the bosom of nature they would propose to their friends
    • whether they agree with the saying 'you are what you eat' and how they understand the influence of the food consumed on our healthy body & mind
    • whether they are aware of the factors that lead to or disrupt their well-being (whether their appreciate such factors as the access to water, warmth, peace & quiet, fresh air or pay attention to the ones that might be disturbing such as noise, hunger, uncomfortable clothes, loads of tasks to be done).

    Students also practised breathing exercises aimed at grounding (mindfulness), relaxation, calming down which help in reducing overall body tension as well as psychological stress. They exchanged good practices in groups and in the forum and, whenever possible, they shared some advice and successful solutions with their friends.

    The online workshops for the project students were conducted by the school psychologist from Paderewski Private Grammar School (from Lublin, Poland), Małgorzata Szpiłyk.