Dissemination Event in ICS Margherita di Savoia

    Dissemination Event about the first meeting in Greece

    Dissemination Event in ICS Margherita di Savoia

    On November 14th 2019 the Erasmus Italian team disclosed to the colleagues of their school the experience in the Greek school during the first meeting in Heraklion.

    Local News, Pardilhó - Estarreja, Portugal

    Our Project, Salt work in Progress - Young Cicerones, in the local newes.

    Dissemination for Teachers at SE Dante Alighieri Isola, 4/11/2019

    After the meeting in Greece, on Nov 4, 2019 Jadranka and Zarja let the other teachers on SE Dante Alighieri Isola have a taste of Crete. They presented the project's objectives, tasks, and activities to their colleagues at the assembly by showing a video of the films and photos taken in Heraklion.


    Our Young Cicerones presented the partners' saltpans and fauna to the rest of the students at the Scuola Elementare Dante Alighieri Isola. Then the kids that go to the 6th - 9th classes compared the saltpans with the help of the linoit application. The kids posted animals on a Venn diagram that shows the similarities and differences between countries. Then the students used the most important words of the saltpans and wrote them down in a WORD Cloud with the mentimeter. Two classes drew the words and wrote them in various languages. We will produce a dictionary with this flashcards / drawings.

    EXHIBITION of Erasmus+ products in the Italian Community at the Palace Manzioli

    The board game produced by the students of the School Dante Alighieri Isola during the school year was exhibited at the local community for one week from June 2 to 10, 2021. They were and will be played by the students of the elementary school to revise the contents of the fauna and flora of the salt pans. Also ISOLOPOLIS, a treasure hunt game guiding the students around ISOLA IZOLA, our home town, and solving quizzes about its cultural and natural heritage.


    DISSEMINATION at the Dante Alighieri School at Isola, Slovenia, 17-2-2022

    Workshops on SALT, FAUNA AND FLORA
    Presentations done by CICERONES

    DISSEMINATION of the project activities in the local community, Isola, 1/3/2022

    Article published in the local monthly paper La Voce del Mandracchio



    ONLINE Dissemination after C2 MOBILITY IN PORTUGAL, Slovenia, 30/5/2022





    Slovene Cicerones made power points and presented them two the 6th, 7th, and 8th class students at their school.

    SLOVENIAN CICERONES played the games they produced with the younger 5th and 6th class students.

    They played "Black Peter" with cards of salt pan animals and plants, then memory with plants, and the board game "Discovering our salt pans."

    The Slovenian ERASMUS WALL UPDATED after the mobilities C1 and C2, 23/5/2022

    The Erasmus+ Wall is situated in the school's hall, where all students, parents, and teachers can see the latest results and news exhibited.

    The Guides

    Guided study visit to the salt mines of Aveiro and Ecomuseu da Troncalhada, which articulates with the Erasmus+ Salt Work in Progress project taking place in the Pardilhó School Grouping, Eco-Schools project, Visual Education, CAP, English and Special Education subjects.
    The 5 students who went to Italy, had the opportunity to disseminate what they had learned, explaining to the students of 7thB, to the guest teacher Margarida together with the guide, Liliana, from Aveiro City Hall, the natural heritage of the salt pans, in its history, biodiversity and its importance in the sustainability of salt pans and salt extraction that is done in a sustainable way.
    They met the sailor João Banca, a man with a lot of experience and wisdom, explained the relation between Erasmus+ project and Aveiro salt pans.
    It was a very rewarding experience, from which the students left very satisfied.

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    Agrupamento de Escolas de Pardilhó -Dissemination through the illustrations of a game.

    The students from different classes had the opportunity to try out the memory game, which the 3rd cycle students developed for the mobility in Italy. The illustrations of this game are about plants, biodiversity, that inhabit the salt pans.
    A copy was also offered to the pre-school, 1st cycle, special education, school library and the councilman of culture of the City Council of Estarreja.
    The goal of the game is to make known in a playful way the natural surroundings in the salt pans.

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    Christmas Cards "Christmas in the Saltpans"/ Agrupamentode Escolas de Pardilhó

    the students developed Christmas cards, with illustrations referring to the salt mines.
    After completion, they wrote Christmas messages and sent them by mail to various entities such as the mayor of Estarreja, the president of the parish council of Pardilhó, the elderly home, among others.
    The aim was to disseminate the Erasmus+ project in such a special time.

    eTwinning Flag Raising - Agrupamento de Escolas de Pardilhó

    The school celebrated eTwinning flag day.
    Students raised the eTwinning flag in articulation with the eco schools flag.
    We had the collaboration of the ethnographic group Danças d'aldeia and the presence of the president of the school board, president of the parish council of Pardilhó, mayor of Estarreja, teachers and students from all cycles. It was a morning lived with a lot of joy, aware that the Erasmus+ project contributes a lot to the enrichment of the community.

    Bicycle Project for educational outings -Agrupamento de Escolas de Pardilhó

    We developed a project, "Learning on Wheels" that was contemplated by the chemical companies of the Community Advisory Panel of the Estarreja Responsible Care Program (PACOPAR).
    This project aims to encourage school outings by bicycle, students and teachers, to observe the biodiversity of the area, where there are several branches of the Ria de Aveiro and where we can observe flamingos, black-winged stilts, spoonbills, among other birds, glasswort, reeds, etc).
    This project articulates with the Eco Schools program, since its intention is to allow sustainable mobility in pedagogical outings and to raise awareness for the sustainability of the environment, considering the comparison of the many birds and plants that live here with those of the saltpans of Aveiro. Pardilhó is only a few klm away from Aveiro, which naturally indicates the extension of the Aveiro ria, where the saltpans exist, to Pardilhó.


    Our Young Cicerones shared their wonderful experience in Slovenia with every one at school!
    The younger students loved the Slovenian sweets and the older ones played kahoot games
    about the Slovenian salt works and their fauna and flora. We focused on what is similar and
    what is different to our salt pans in Aveiro.
    The memory games which were all done by our students, will be kept safe in our school library
    as well as in our Special Needs department and both at the Kindergaten and primary school for
    it to be played for years to come.
    This memory game will be handed to our Local Town Municipality so as to be displayed at the
    Estarreja Municipal Library too and of course all our partner countries were granted with
    copies of the game.
    The book “Hello, Slovenia!” with interesting facts will be read and worked on for the whole of
    the next school year. We are eager to do so!


    Article published in the Il Crida / Bobnič,
    local bilingual magazine, issued on 4/7/2022

    24/6/2022: THE 3-YEAR-ERASMUS+ PROJECT FINSIHED: Getting to know salt-works and Istria (Slovenia)

    Dissemination after C3 mobility in SLOVENIA
    article published in the Slovene daily newspaper, Primorske novice on 24th June 2022

    DISSEMINATION after C3 mobility in Slovenia : La Voce del Mandracchio - the newspaper of the Italian Community at Isola

    June, 2022

    EXHIBITION of PROJECT'S RESULTS (17/5-26/5/2022) at the Italian local community, at the Manzioli Palace, Isola, Slovenia


    FUN QUIZ on the last day of school, 24/6/2022

    At the SE Dante Alighieri, every last day of school, each teacher makes 5 questions about the subject he / she teaches. A QUIZ with multiple choice answers is played by mixed groups of 6th - 8th year students in the school's gym. Students also answered to questions about the Erasmus+ project's topics.


    We presented the project objectives and the activities that were carried out for the Erasmus+ project to the Project Teams of other Slovenian schools that are in the national project called "Extended Programme in the Compulsory School". The meeting was organized by the Institute for Education, supported by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Slovenia in Laško on the 11th May, 2022.

    Dissemination for teachers at Isola, 25/5/2022

    After coming home from the mobility in Portugal, the two teachers that visited Pardilho' presented a slideshow of the exchange visit, projecting photos on the big screen in the assembly room and the school's hall. Teachers could also taste some Portuguese specialties and hear about the LTT activities that were carried on there.

    Exchange of products among partners

    At each meeting / mobility teachers from different partner schools exchanged the products that they produced with the students, so that the other partners could make good use of them, and compare their reality with those of the other countries involved in the project.

    Dissemination to a wide public through a local broadcasting tv (21/03/2022)

    Teleregione, a local broadcasting tv, welcomed the partners of the project and met the headteacher of Istituto Comprensivo di Margherita di Savoia explaining and emphazing the values of Erasmus+

    Dissemination for teachers at the final teachers' meeting (24/06/2022)

    Dissemination at the final teachers' meeting before the summer break. Using a short video the teacher di Venosa summarised all the mobilities done during the last few months describing and telling the experiences lived by students and teachers who went abroad and were hosted by partners. The last mobility in Romania is missing as it will be done in August.

    Dissemination among Italian teachers after mobility in Portugal (25/05/2022)

    Teachers met in the school library and found all the products received from partners during the mobility in Portugal. They tasted the traditional sweets from Portugal and Romania.

    Dissemination for students of Portuguese experience to their mates (23/05/2022)

    Jacopo, Giorgia, Clara, Sara, and Grazia met their mates in the different classrooms and described their experience, excitement, and happiness in participating in the mobility in Portugal.

    Dissemination in the Italian school for teachers after mobility in Slovenia (7/06/2022)

    The library in the Italian school is enriched with all the gifts received during the mobility in Slovenia from May 30th to June 3rd, so all teachers who didn't participate could learn a bit of the last mobility for students of Slat-work-in progress project

    Dissemination of project products at the TIC Izola Isola, 2/9/2022

    Some "young cicerones" brought some products (brochures, leaflets, games) to the local office of the Tourist Information Centre. They thanked themselves for the support given within the project and expressed their wishes for a further collaboration in the near future.

    Products' dissemination at the Community of the Italian Nationality in Isola, 2/9/2022

    Cicerones brought a box with games and leaflets and the printed story of GRETA, THE GOODLUCK BIRD that were produced within the project to the LIBRARY DOMENICO LOVISATO, where it will be used by young and older visitors of the library and Italian community.

    Long-lasting use of project products at Domenico Lovisato Library in Izola, Slovenia

    Our Cicerones shared the products of their work with the larger local community. They presented a box with education games and stories on the topic of the salt pans at the library of the Italian Community in the Manzioli Palace at Isola.

  • DISSEMINATION EVENT - Virtual Mobility in Slovenia

    The school year is ending and our 8 grade Erasmus students are going to leave us, but they didn't forget to pass the baton to their successors and they disseminated the knowledge acquired about the birds living in Margherita's saltpans which are similar to those living in our partners' saltpans. We met last May 14th, 2021 and the new students were very enthusiastic to start their Erasmus adventures.



    Dissemination time

    On May 31st 2021 our 8th-grade pupils leaving us disseminate their work and talk with 6th- grade pupils.