Safer Internet Day (SID)

  • We educate our students on Internet Safety and do preventive workshops every year.

    This year the 3rd year pupils had a lesson entitled "Don't be a lamb", whereas the 6-8th-year students were involved in the workshop on "Internet Violence and Bullying". 

    Our teachers had a lesson on "Safe and Responsible Use of the Internet in Class."

    On the schools website page their is a link where students can access to material about a safe use of the internet.

    Every year pupils of the Dante Alighieri school welcome experts from this association and attend lectures on their behalf. 



    The students of the 2^ and 3^D think and talk about the pros and cos of the Net. Our Safe Internet Day!


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    In Pardilhó all middle school students had classes on Internet safety by the ICT teacher.

    All students  were taught and made aware as much as possible about the dangers of Internet sites, personal data and password requirements, access to safe sites, cyberbullying etc.

    On the 9th of February special attention was given to this topic on Internet Safety day. 

    The Local Police department held sessions at school so as to help students and staff be more aware of the problems that may arise when internet safety is disregarded.

    The subdivision on the school website related to this topic is constantly updated so as to provide students with the necessary aid and information on the matter.