Portuguese Story


    A long time ago there was a king who had three daughters. One day he asked each of them which one loved him the most.

    The eldest answered:

    - I love my father more than sunlight.

    The middle one replied:

    - I love my father more than myself.

    The youngest answered:

    - I love my father as much as food loves salt.

    After hearing this, the king thought that his youngest daughter did not love him as much as the others, and he threw her out of the palace.

    -You will leave my palace at once!. He said angrily.

    She left and wandered sadly until she got to the palace of a king, and there she stayed on as a cook.

    One day a very special pastry was served and when the king sliced it open there was a very small but expensive ring inside. The king asked all the ladies of the court whose ring that was. They all wanted to try the ring to see if it fit, but it seemed to fit no one until the cook was called to try it on too, and to every ones’ surprised it fit her perfectly.

    The prince noticed that and immediately fell in love with her. He presumed her to be from a noble background.

    -I think that I am in love! She is so beautiful!

    He then began to secretly spy on her as she went about her cooking in the palace kitchen. Much to his surprise he saw her dressed like a princess while cooking away.

    -I miss my sisters so much. I wish my father had understood what I meant. This is so sad!

    The prince called his father and both of them were astonished.

    -Look father! How beautiful and sweet she is! uttered the Prince.

    The prince asked permission to marry the girl to which the king gave his full approval. The young girl had only one condition for this marriage to take place, she wanted to cook the wedding dinner herself.

    -I will marry the prince, but I insist on cooking the wedding dinner myself.

    For the wedding ceremony the neighbouring king, who had three daughters, and who had thrown out the youngest one, was also invited. The princess cooked dinner, but did not add salt to the food that was to be served to the king.

    Everyone, but the invited king, ate heartily. At last the master of the house asked the king why he hadn’t touched his meal.

    -Your majesty, you haven’t touched your meal. Is anything the matter?

    The king , unaware that he was in fact at his daughter’s wedding ceremony, replied:

    - It is because the food has no salt at all.

    The groom's father pretended to be furious, and ordered the cook to come and explain why she hadn’t put any salt in the king’s food.

    The bride showed up, dressed like a princess. As soon as the king saw her, he knew her at once:

    -My daughter!

    -Oh Father!

    He immediately realized how wrong he was, for not having understood how much he was loved by his daughter, who had told him that she loved him as much as food needs salt.

    It is also said that the princess had never complained about her father’s unjust behaviour even if it hurt her a lot. The kind of behaviour only a true and loving princess would have!