Erasmus Days in Slovenia


    Our students created collage pictures and added them to the ERASMUS WALL:


    During the 3-year-duration of the project we organized at the SE Dante Alighieri Isola one Erasmus Day per year, with the following activities: 

    Erasmus days



    Middle school Students were divided in workshops on the topi cof the salt pans:

    VIa created a board game „Alla ricerca del sale“ and made origami (salt-pan animals) ,

    VIb: learnt about olive oil production and made soap with olive oil, salt and lavander; and  created pop-up cards (on our cultural and natural heritage);

    VII: watched a video about our salt-pans; drew flashcards for a pictorial dictionary;

    VIII: watched a video about Isola; took photos around town and compared them with old postcards; they also created a board game: Isolopoli;




    Topic: the Plants of our environment - Middle school students (6th-8th class) went for outings to Strunjan to visit in 3 groups: the saltpans and lagoon, the cliff and its evergreen shrubland, and a farm growing crops; At school in workshops, they created a memory game with saltpan plants photos, made imprint of leaves in salt dough medallions, produced soap bars with rosmary, lavender and salt, planted aromatic Mediterranean herbs, made a poster with aromatic herbs and created a board game (Guess the TREE by the LEAF), and created the story for a fable about saltpan plants and animals - Greta, l’uccello portafortuna.




    Middle class 6-9 class pupils worked in workshops on saltpan related activities: the fauna and flora, the salt and its use in cooking, the recipes of the salt workers, the work of the salt workers, scientific experiments (characteristics of salt), creating modern paintings, depicting birds and plants from the salt pans.