The reasons for the project “Salt-work in progress – young Cicerones” stand on the need that each community perceives to recover its own identity by studying and knowing its own historical, cultural, naturalistic and landscape heritage. Our school is located in Margherita di Savoia in Puglia in the South of Italy, in a land with good tourist capabilities due to a large coast with iron sand, a large number of beach resorts and the largest saltworks in Europe, which are the source for tourist, fauna and thermal wealth. Through the direct knowledge of their land and the awareness of its peculiarities and changes, together with the study of its roots and local traditions, first of all we intend to encourage our students to improve their feeling of belonging to their origin community. The project goals are also to educate to the sustainable development applying behaviours which take care of energy savings and appreciate culture and environment heritage, encouraging safeguard behaviours.

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