Erasmusdays in Portugal


    We celebrated  Erasmus Days at the Public Library in Estarreja with an exhibition of students' work on the project Salt work in progress!

    This exhibition was also displayed at the local secondary school.

    Have a look at what we can achieve together!


    The Erasmus+ students also produced a video which was released by the National Agency. In this video they explored the Erasmus+ projects at school: Heritage of us and Saltwork in progress - Young Cicerones.  More emphasis was on the project on heritage since it was at a more developed stage at the time with mobilities underway. However students were hard at work on the saltwork Project too,  online work, ppt presentations and leaflets, drawings and logos as can be seen in the exhibition. 

    In the video students managed to express their enthusiasm for Erasmus+ and everything learned in sharing common values!