E. Different unique moments between us! A Picture Gallery!

  • Different moments between us!

    During all these months that our A.B.C.: Active Book Club was opened we have lived many different happy moments between partner schools.

    All these experiences have posted in the common dashboard that follows.

    What have happened?

    What kind of special moments

    For example:

    1) Handmade Season Cards for ... our best wishes in Christmas Holidays and New Year's Eve! Some Season Cards were made in a traditional way by embroidering on fabric! A special moment of wishes during December 2015!

    All the partner school exchanged Season Cards to wish each other ''The Happiest Holidays! Creative and Reading 2016!''. Some schools created and short videos with their wishes.

    2) Handmade cards for our... best messages! A special moment in February 2016!

    The Aalst School from Belgium sent their cards to the Aristoteleio College of Thessaloniki/Greece. Their messages are   concerning cooperation and friendship between the project groups. Other cards regarding the particular features of the Belgian country!

    3) Taste our country!  A special moment in March 2016!

    Chocolates from Belgium to Greece! The Aalst School from Belgium sent unique chocolates to Aristoteleio College of  Thessaloniki/Greece. A really sweet moment! Creat taste! Great feelings!

    4) Learn more about our partners from one of their customs!

    On 1rst of March 2016 there was a Skype meeting between the eTwinning team from Bulgaria/Asenovgrad and the eTwinning team from Greece/Karditsa. In this online meeting students wished each other ''Happy March'' and ''Kalo Mina- good month'' in greek language. The teacher and the students from Asenovgrad talked about one of their customs the 'Martenitsi'' that brings health and hapiness as the Spring is on its way. That was the first step for more! Students from Bulgaria and their teacher Blagotveska Kiyaeva sent some different 'Martenitsi' to their greek eTwinning friends. With their presents were and a warm letter. Thank you all! Thank you Blagotveska!

    5) An expert talked to us about creative writing!  

    In 1rst of April the expert trainer of creative writing Mr. Characopoulos Xristos taught students techniques of creative writing to write the story of their own book ''Alan Turing: The Enigma'' by Andrew Hodges.

    An expert's talk about creative writing (in Greek language) for students from Thessaloniki & Karditsa/Greece

    On 1-4-2016 there was a Skype meeting between the eTwinning team of Aristoteleio College in Thessaloniki/Greece and one from Karditsa/Greece. This time the online meeting had a more educational purpose! Mr. Characopoulos Xristos, who also participates in our eTwinning project ''A.B.C.'' as a visitor talked about Creative Writing and had a written experience with our students. The students from the Aristoteleio College/Thessaloniki/Greece had mr. Characopoulos Xristos as a visitor to their school. Students and teachers from Karditsa/Greece were watching the educational meeting-Seminar online with the use of Technology. The Skype meeting was really a great experience for them, too. The Seminar was in Greek language.

    Thank you, Mr. Characopoulos for the help! Thank you, Mary Papachristou and Helen Kokkinou for arranging that online meeting-Seminar!

    The Power Point presentation about Creative Writing was translated and in English for all the participants in our project!

    Evridiki Tsiara, a student from Karditsa/Greece said: ''Creative writing was a wonderful experience! We used our imagination and what we knew about the story!  We also learned  about how students from another countries was thinking! The instructions from an expert was very usefull! '' Let's listen to her  HERE

    6) A book, a special moment, a gift, a memory! 

    On 1rst of April 2016 became a draw in 3rd General Lyceum of Karditsa/Greece. Two of the books ''Alan Turing: The Enigma'' by Andrew Hodges that we used for reading in our Book Club were donated in two students that are members of the Active Book Club. These two books were from those that the team from 3rd General Lyceum used to read during the project. The winners were Irini Stergiouli and Ionas Filippou! Thank you students for your great efforts and the incredible team work!

    7) Receiving a SouvenirThe posted bookmarks!

    During April of 2016 students and teachers from 3rd General Lyceum of Karditsa/Greece (as the first founers of our eTwinning project A.B.C.) had the responsibility to print and post the first designed and inspired from the project A.B.C. and the book ''Alan Turing: The Enigma'' by Andrew Hodges that we all are reading in our European Book Club. That posted and received bookmarks gave to all the participants in this A.B.C. project a unique moment.

    8) Let's learn more about our partner's culture! Let's learn more about Adana/Turkey! Let's learn more about Orange Blossom Festival!

    Orange Blossom Festival is an annual celebration in Adana/Turkey. It is an inspiration to the blossom scent that covers the orange tree lined streets during early April. Many celebrations take place. They begin in early April with the slogan ''Nisan'da Adana'da'' (in April in Adana). It is one of the first annual Carnivals in Turkey. Our partner school sent to all of us gifts and souvenirs to learn more about that day and to celabrate in a way with them that great Festival!

    Thanks you dear friends for giving color to our life and drive us to reach the idea and feel the rythm of this special day!

    9) Handmade gifts from our eTwinning friends from Bulgaria to the members of the eTwinning project A.B.C.: Active Book Club.

    During May 2016 the Bulgarian eTwinning team created wonderful bookmarkw and posted them to the participants. The gifts-souvenirs had a really warm message about life and love! '

    'Life is a journey and love is what makes that journey worthwhile''.

    Thank you Blagotveska and all your students!

    10) Summer Cards and wishes for a great summer time

    During May and June 2016 students that participate in the eTwinning project A.B.C. created Summer Cards and sent their wishes for happy Summer Holidays to their friends! These exchanged Summer Cards have made teachers and students to feel great for the summer time that was really ahead!

    Enjoy your Summer Time!

    11) Gifts to say ''Thank you!'' to all colleagues for being so supportive.

    The A.B.C.: Active Book Club was a common effort of the whole school! Participants and not participants -teachers and students- supported the entire effort from the first step to end. So closing the program for all the teachers of 3rd General Lyceum in Karditsa, Greece there was a small handmade embroidered on fabric gift. What was it? Bookmarks! Bookmarks embroider on fabric! Also, there was a message with the small gift:

    ''In each attempt only with your two hands you can not pick up everything!  Fortunately there are many hands around you!  Keep it in mind and say thank you!''