iii. Common Activities-Tasks

  • We all have agreed to complete the following activities & tasks:

    1. Organize our Project's Agenda
    2. Present our National School Book Clubs (members of our European online Book Club)
    3. Find a common book for reading in our Club
    4. Work on the content of the book
    5. Have an online Quiz-Contest (National & Transnational)
    6. Design Handmade Board-Card Games based on the content of our book
    7. Exchange the 1st designed Board-Card Games between partners
    8. Exchange Season Cards (Christmas Cards & Summer Cards)
    9. Saw up (mostly in our Project Journal or in Skype meetings or by posting) customs, ethics and cultural themes to our partners
    10. Compare the book with the movie that was inspired from the book
    11. Have a creative writing task focused on Alan Turing and World War II
    12. Create an eBook based on creative writing results
    13. Organize events-Celebrations focused on Culture (Literature & Books)
    14. CoSketch a Souvenir-Our Bookmark
    15. Create-design Talking Posters based on activities and tasks
    16. Organize alive (face to face) and online meetings between partners
    17. Having feedback during the project (in the beginning, in the middle, in the end)
    18. Give publicity to our project and to the results of our common efforts