A.B.C.: Active Book Club

At this project we are going to organize an online European School Book Club and vote for a book which all the participants will work on. We expect to read the book, create a card game, exchange the card games, have an online contest - game, have creative writing based on some topics of the book and create an e-book. The purpose is to like the book...

Task 1. Finding our Common Book for reading

Puppils and teachers agreed for a common book that they all are going to read as members of the online European Book Club A.B.C.

The criteria for the common book for reading are:

  • To stay close to the interests of students
  • Be in the English language because it is the language of the eTwinning project
  • To have a historical background
  • To be free online
  • To has been transposed to the cinema
Author: Stavroula Siatira
Last editor: Stavroula Siatira