Task 9. Let's Cosketch our Bookmark-our Souvenir!

  • Let's Co-Sketch our own Souvenir!

    Students had the idea to draw all together something that comes to their mind when thy think about our European Book Club or about our book the biography ''Alan Turing: The Enigma'' by Andrew Hodges. We decided to use for that purpose the ''Cosketch'' tool. So, we created an event for all the members of our Twinspace that were going to visit the Twinspace on 14th of March 2016.

    This is the announcement of our event at our Project's Journal:

    We tried to make a Sketch. It was an effort! This is an image of our team work:

    A sea, a small boat, a voyage, some travellers, an enigma experience ...

            Please, look at the saved page:         http://CoSketch.com/Saved/pG5HZYQT


    What we are going to do with this painting of our common efforts? 

    Students went one step further! Let's take inspiration from this painting and design with the Computer a souvenir for all the participants, students & teachers & visitors, in our eTwinning project ''A.B.C.: Active Book Club''. Why a souvenir? Because we want to keep memories from our unique moments! What kind of souvenir? We are a Book Club! So, we need a Bookmark!

    Our own Bookmark!

    ''Our own enigma voyage!''

    The designs with the use of Computer:


    We designed our own Bookmarks!It is not only a Bookmark! Mostly it is our own souvenir! The 3rd General Lyceum of Karditsa/Greece (as the 1rst founder of the eTwinnig project ''A.B.C.: Active Book Club'') took the responsibility for printing the Bookmark and after for posting it to all the participant students!

    The Bookmarks that we posted to our friends and partners:

    We all are very pround of this effort!

    Let's keep our memories for ever!

    Let's save our memories in the pages of the books that we read!