i. During October-November

  • Our Talking Posters!

    1) About the members of our European Book Club ''A.B.C.: Active Book Club'' (1rst part):

    Responsible students: Kyriaki Statira-Artemis Stergiouli (Karditsa/Greece) & George Mourgos-Evgenia Manolidou (Thessaloniki/Greece)

    The message is:''The school year 2015-2016 our European Book Club is a fact! There are members from seven different countries. Students and teachers from Armenia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Greece, Serbia, Sweden and Turkey have a unique common reading experience!''

    2) About the members of our European Book Club ''A.B.C.: Active Book Club'' (2nd part):

    Responsible students: Nikolas Tsiridis-Dimitris Rachovitsas (Thessaloniki/Greece) & Kiriaki Statira-Kostas Stratos (Karditsa/Greece)

    The message is:''As we all read books sometimes we feel like travellers, like dreamers, like a crew in a different trip, like members of a dream team that are having their own reading experience.''

    3) About good partnership:

    Responsible students: Stelios Kexagias-Dimitris Xytas (Thessaloniki/Greece) & Ada Dierick-Jordy Taymans (Belgium, Aalst)

    The message is:''A good partner has to love and know himself, understand the true meaning of 50/50, be a good listener and a good communicator, stay attuned to his partner's needs, communicate his needs, provide emotional safety and be interested in his partners.'' 

    4) About the benefits from voting procedure:

    Responsible students: Nikol Giouli-Nikolas Tsiridis (Thessaloniki/Greece) & Rabine Matala Tala  Aziyodu-Sam Van Liedre (Belgium, Aalst)

    The message is:''Voting is the cornerstone of democracy. Most economists and political experts agree that the greatest benefit of voting is that it's the most effective way for the population to communicate.''

    5) About the benefits from reading a biography:

    Responsible students: ALA BookWarm (Adana/Turkey) & George Mourgos-Dimitris Raxovitsas (Thessaloniki/Greece)

    The message is:''Biographies provide the most valuable lessons in life. Every life has a beginning, middle, and an end, and how one has lived one's life should be of great interest to thase who are still at the beginning.''


    6) About Alan Turing in the book ''Alan Turing: The Enigma'' by Andrew Hodges:

    Responsible students:  Maria Apostolopoulou-Evi Aygerou (Karditsa/Greece) & Amalia Voutsaki-Vasilis Bitzionis (Thessaloniki/Greece)

    The message is:''Alan Turing was a mathematician, cryptographer, and a pioneer of Computer Science. He is famous for his work in breaking the German Enigma code during World War II and for his idea of a ''Universal Machine'' a type of computer.''