A.B.C.: Active Book Club

At this project we are going to organize an online European School Book Club and vote for a book which all the participants will work on. We expect to read the book, create a card game, exchange the card games, have an online contest - game, have creative writing based on some topics of the book and create an e-book. The purpose is to like the book...



New school year?

Yes! 2015 - 2016

New eTwinning project?

Yes! A.B.C.!  Active Book Club!

An online European School Book Club!

Why a Book Club?

Because we believe at the power and the magic of books!

Who wants to participate at this European online Book Club?

We! Armenia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Greece, Serbia, Sweden, Turkey!

How do we feel?

We are all so ... excited!

A.B.C.: Active Book Club

Countries – members at the European online Book Club:

  1. Armenia,
  2. Belgium
  3. Bulgaria,
  4. Greece,
  5. Serbia,
  6. Sweden &
  7. Turkey

Let's cooperate!

Let's read!

Let's discuss!

Let's play!

Let's create, give and receive!

Let's feel different feelings!

Let'w have experiences of our life!

Let's have unique moments!

All together we can make our project blossom!

Author: Stavroula Siatira
Last editor: Stavroula Siatira