iii. In the end

  • Sharing our experiences!

    Our eTwinnig project is ending!

    We are going to exchange our experiences from our participation. 

    a) A short video from the School Principal of Aristotelio College in Thessaloniki/Greece who is saying his opinion about all this effort and our team work

    b) Short videos from students that participated in this eTwinning project talking about their experiences

    c) Written messages from students that are sharing their experiences with us

    d) Written messages from teachers that are teacher administrators or members of the project

    e) Written messages from visitors that were watching the progress and helped all of us in the project

    b) Short videos from teachers that are not participants in this eTwinning project but they have watched the efforts in the school that they work from the eTwinning team there

    Let's make our posts!

    Please, try to answer in questions like: What did I enjoy more? What was the best task for me? What could be done in a better way? ... and what every you wish! Please, press with a double click on the Padlet Wall that follows and write down your experiences: from your participation to an eTwining programme & from your participation to A.B.C. - Active Book Club


    1. With  a double click on the Padlet Wall bellow is opening a window for you.
    2. In the window write your name and the country that you come from. (Stavroula / Greece)
    3. Then answer the first question.
    4. For the end answer the second question.
    5. You can also upload a photo relative to your answers.

    Nothing teaches us better than our own experiences!