iii. Let's vote online for our book

    Let's vote! Let's make our own only choice!
    Teachers and pupils, members of the A.B.C.- Active Book Club, voted ON LINE for the book that they all are going to read, work and have fun with.

    The tool that we use for votying is the easypolls 

    EasyPolls is a free service where you can set up polls in a matter of seconds and have them published on your website, facebook, twitter, or simply share the link to the poll with your audience.

    Be carefull!

    1) Vote on line only one book for reading! (The one that you like most)

    2) Vote on line only one time! (When we have the results of the voting procedure we will have the final number of the anonymus voters) 

    3) Vote on line all the members of Active Book Club! (At the end of the voting procedure we'll have a Map with the locations of all the anonymus voters)



    ENDS:    MONDAY 26 OCTOBER 2015

    Question text:

    Which book would you like to read in our Active Book Club?
    Vote your own only choice!

    You can vote HERE 

    RESULTS: On 27th of October (early in the morning) the voting prosedure ended. 132 members of our Twinspace have voted. 

    The book that we all are going to read is:

    Alan Turing: The Enigma! (a biography)

    Listed as one of the essential 50 books of all time in The Guardian

    Thank you ALA Bookworm for that suggestion that found many followers!