Task 7. Our Talking Posters!

  • Our Talking Posters!

    During our eTwinning project ''A.B.C.: Active Book Club'' we decided to create different Talking Posters in order to show up some basic topics relative to our team work and in connection with the fact that we are a Book Club with interests around Literature and Culture in general. For every Poster they were responsible students from two different schools that participated to the project. It was an arrangenment that the students from the first school were responsible for creating the icon and the students from the second school were responsible for writing and recording the relative message. 

    The tool that we used for creating the Posters is the Fotobabble. We have opened a common account. The responsible students used the same username ''abcmembers'' & password ''abcmembers2016''. Firstly two students from the one school created a Poster and uploaded it to the ''Materials'' of our Twinspace in the relative File ''Posters''.  Secondly the students from the other school uploaded the photos-posters to the ''Fotobabble'', they wrote the short message and finally they added their message to the Poster-Photo by recording it. The results from these experience are really great thanks to the students' creativity, their sense of beauty and their accurate and well-aimed messages!

    It was one more way of learning by cooperating and having fun!