Evaluation of the project

  • Evaluate the project "M@pping the Milestones of Free Europe" In this Google form questionnaire and the tool of Web 2.0 Answer Garden:

    We were evaluating our project during working on it and at the end of the project. Our students filled in the questionnaire to evaluate the project. Here it is and the results of the evaluation made by students and teachers are here too. 

    Evaluation of the project in Genially

  • What was the best about this project?


    For me it was the opportunity to learn something new from the forst hand - from our project partners about their revolution which led to freedom and democracy


    Best was cooperation with our eTwinnig partners


    I'm glad I had this opportunity to learn more about the revolution and see the perspective of others


    That we could learn new things about history of different country.


    I loved working with our partners from differnt countries and I also loved learning new informations.


    I liked that we could learn new things and work with other states.

    Nina Velegová

    Everything was very interesting. I am glad we had the opportunity to work with foreign students. I enjoyed learning about culture and history.


    In this project, I liked communicating with foreign partners the most. We have learned many new things.


    Best for me was videoconferencing with our partners.


    For me, it was the fact that we were cooperating with people from different countries.


    The best thing for me was that I learned and mainly learned a lot of new things that I didn't know about before.


    I really like working with people in other countries and like doing posters.


    The best thing about this project was comunication and cooperation with other students. It was quite interesting working with them.


    I liked a lot that we were in touch with other countries and I learned about they history


    For me It was learning about revolution in other countries and working with new people.

    Tamara Majerská

    I like doing posters for the revolution. I like activities about revolution. I learn a lot of new things about revolution.


    I think the best was communicating with other countires


    This project helped us understand the history of countries that were involved in this project. This project was a great opportunity to meet new people. We discussed everything about this project together.

    Tamara Š.

    The best thing is that we can talk with other students. I learn more about different countries and revolution.


    I liked cooperation with our partners and the opportunity to learn many interesting things about the Velvet Revolution


    In this project, I liked communicating with foreign partners the most. We have learned many new things. It was interesting . And I have fun with doing posters too.


    I liked that we could communicate with other countries.


    The best part was that we could communicate with other countries

    Chiara Holečková

    Most of all, I like cooperation with foreign partners, but I also like that I have a much bigger overview and get more information.

  • Was it worth for me to work in this project?
    It was very worth
    17 votes (73.91%)
    It was worth
    6 votes (26.09%)
    No, it was not worth
    0 votes (0%)