Reflections of the project

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    We have learnt a lot about our and european history of 1980s and now we appreciate all the knowledge we have .

    Ela Ďurčatová

    We are thankful history that our revolution was peaceful


    We discused a lot of toppics in the forums in twinspace with our partners.


    I think we have learned a lot of things about democratic revolution in partners countries from the first hand


    I also liked different web 2.0 tools which we used in the project for our collaboration like padlet, answer garden and learning apps.


    Thanks the project activities we met and discussed with participants of Velvet Revolution in Slovakia and especially in our town who brought us their own opinions on Velvet revolution, how it was organized and what it means for us.


    I think I can say on behalf of all my school mates that work on this project enriched us and now we aprreciate freedom and democracy a lot more.


    I like the topic of our project, and I am very glad that we are dealing with the issue of 1989 revolution for democracy because it is an intresting topic for us and at least our generation will much more about it.

    Chiara Holečková

    Project partners from the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Romania is the great combination because we can compare two different wase of democratic revolution – gentle velvet and the cruel bloddy one.

    Reflections of the Slovak team

    I am sure this project gave all involved student more valuable information and knowledge about democratic revolutions in 1989 and formed their positive attitude to democracy.


    I like the close collaboration wiht our project partners.

    Andreea Mariut

    This year we learned a lot about the revolution of 1989. People fought for our freedom and some of them died doing it. Now we are free. Thanks to them .


    In this project I learnt to work in teams and make new friends. I like that I succeed in something that make the students to learn more about their history.

    Zaharia Briana

    We discused a lot of toppics about the european history of 1980s and now I appreciate all the information and knowledge we gained!


    We have learned a lot of things about democratic revolution and the countries that contributed.


    In this project I learned to work in a team, to work with people I didn't know. Have fun while working.


    We have learned a lot about the revolution of 1989

    Alexandra Marcu

    We learned a lot about democratic revolution with our colleagues from the other countries.