• Democracy, literally, rule by the people. The term is derived from the Greek dēmokratiā, which was coined from dēmos (“people”) and kratos (“rule”) in the middle of the 5th century BCE to denote the political systems then existing in some Greek city-states, notably Athens.

    The etymological origins of the term democracy hint at a number of urgent problems that go far beyond semantic issues. If a government of or by the people—a “popular” government—is to be established, at least five fundamental questions must be confronted at the outset, and two more are almost certain to be posed if the democracy continues to exist for long.

    Be inspired what democracy is.

    TASK1: Study in international groups this video and create simple mind maps about democracy. A mind map helps you to organise your thoughts. After creating 3 mind maps in 3 internatonal groups and compare your mind map with those of other 2 internatonal groups
    • What do you notice?
    • In what ways are your mind maps similar?
    • In what ways are they different?
    • What are the most important terms?
    • Does the organisation of the subcategories make sense?
    • Is anything important missing?
    • What would you do differently next time?

    Mind map made by international team 2:

    Mind map made by international team 3:

    TASK 2: Brainstorm and discuss what means democracy for you and express your ideas in the tool Web 2.0 Answer Garden here:
     TASK 3: Learn more ybout democracy and active citizenship and use this Larning Apps: