About the project

  • About the project

    The project M@pping the Milestones of Free Europe aims its effort on mapping the milestones of 1989 revolutions in former Czechoslovakia, Romania, Germany, Polland and other European countries in Europe, their reasons and consequences. The project aims to lead young generation to know more about modern history and get information about the journey of partner countries to freedom in 1989 from the first hand, from the project partners. Students should discuss advantages and disadvantages of this process and also similarities and differences in the journey to freedom in different countries of Europe to freedom after 1989. It will also map the current state of freedom in European countries. The project will be the personal asset of involved students to 30th anniversary of Revolutions in 1989.


    The main goals of the project:
    Improve knowledge on the history of the second half of 20th and 21st century according to their curriculum.
    - Reach ability to do historical judgment and understanding, learning that freedom and independence is necessary part of life of Europeans
    -Teach students about importance of the efforts and negotiations for peace and unity in Europe in history and presence and the importance of the peaceful revolutions of 1989/90 for Europe, their own country and for themselves.
    -Learning from historical sources, oral history, action research and getting information from eye witnesses of the 1989 revolution
    -Use modern tools of Web 2.0 to cooperate in the project and spread new info with partners
    -Improve English language competences in the cooperation and discussing with international partners.
    -Improve civic and personal competencies
    -Improve cooperation skills and students´ creativity through presentation of history
    -Lead students to become an active citizen


    Students will introduce the teams, schools, countries.
    They will create a logo of the project, have a logo competition (September)
    Students will work together on several activities (September – May) and …
    aimed at mapping the 1989 revolutions in Europe and especially in involved partner countries.
    They will have meetings , or interviews with time/revolution witnesses and present them to project partners
    They will make videos about historical spots and events
    They will create games and tests about history of 20th century
    Students will discuss, chat in the forum about questions of the history of 20th century
    They will have video-conferences aimed on topics of the project
    Finally they will evaluate the project and create the web page of the project.
    Students will collaborate in international groups


    - Discussions, chats and video conferences with partners, collaboration in international teams
    -Improved knowledge about the latest history, revolutions 1989, right attitudes of students to national and European history
    - Collaboratively created products, such as e-books, pictures, videos, web page.
    - The project and results will be presented at eTwinning teachers meetings, Open days
    - Application for Quality label
    -New friendships,
    -Improvements in English and ICT