Critical thinking & Democracy

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  • In a what way I can strengthen democracy in my country?


    I am a civics teacher, and I teach my students about democracy and I can lead them to know more about democracy and its principles and thus make them critically thinking people really supporting democracy in their country :)


    I can contribute to democracy by educating myself and taking an interest in the development of democracy. So that in adulthood I can participate as a citizen in elections.


    Confidence in the state is very low in our country. Which is a huge mistake, people should trust the state. Strengthening the judiciary is already on the right track and I believe that the new government will only confirm it


    Democracy can be strengthened in several ways. One of the important ways of strengthening democracy is civic activism, which includes:
    - take an interest in public affairs, whether directly or indirectly by participating in civic activities such as polling, being interested in the work of politicians, constitutional officials, throughout the state but also in the regions.
    -participate, support or directly participate in the organization of cultural and social events (art events, theater, cinema, various discussions, volunteer work)
    - approach information skeptically and critically


    First and foremost, we need to be interested in the development and overall functioning of the country, where we excel and vice versa, where we need to improve. It is very important participate election - to vote for the most responsible. We can also express our opinion in culture.


    We mustn't ignore elections. The problem in our country is that little people go actually voting. Our generations needs to be informed and educated about politicians, about the progress in our country or the flaws that needs improving in order to insure better future. I can educate myself, build my own opinion, be interested in politics.


    I am History teacher. I teach my students about importance of democracy in our daily life. I read Historical texts with my students and then we discuss about the democratic values.


    I think I can help strenghten democracy in my country by discussing with other citisens of our country. Many mainly older people still think that democracy is a bad thing. Discussing about this topic might help them understand democracy more.

    Tamara Š.

    Our democracy is at a very small level. People should be more interested in their country. If every adult citizen could vote, the country would have fewer conflicts. Young people don´t have enough information about what is happening in their country. Another thing is inequality between the citizens of our country. Many people are discriminated for things they cannot change.


    I will srengthen our democracy by becoming more interested in it, participating in elections and being informed about the news that concerns our democracy.


    I think I can contribute to democracy by participating as a citizen in elections, by educating as much as is posible, by discussing to other citizens of my country. I need to be interested in politics


    In my opinion, we can strengthen democracy by going to the polls, educating ourselves and communicating about the citizens of our country.


    Many people in my country they don´t have sufficient knowledge about our democracy, so firstly I have to study and know how democracy works.There are many ways by which I could contribute to strengethening of democracy in my country. One of such ways is for instance by voting for political parties and politicians I personaly belive represent the best interests od the society. It is also very important to vote for those parties who stand for democratic values and principles, such as promoting freedom of speech and religion and protection of human rights.


    I think we can support democracy in various ways, strengthen it so that we are wise and intelligent citizens who will take part in the elections in the future.


    I think that in my country people doesn’t really mind about democracy. People live in stereotypes and new things are nonsense to them. In my eyes democracy is such a good thing. Of course it has bad sides, but it depends. We should teach about democracy more, my generation and older generations too.


    I think we all can strengthen our democracy with our words and opinions. If we all talk and listen to each other the democracy in my country would be a lot better


    I can contribute to democracy by voting when i turn 18, educating, and by talking about the problems in my country with other people.


    We can strengthen democracy by telling our own opinions to other people and by discussing about it.

    Matúš Mráz

    There are many ways to strengthen democracy. As many people do not know properly what democracy is so the main thing is to familiarize them with democracy. I do personally myself think that democracy is a very good thing. And I believe that when people get the necessary information so they will try to strengthen democracy.


    we can strengthen democracy by learning new information about it and passing it on to younger people who do not have much information about it.

    Tamara Majerská

    I can strengthen democracy by learning things about democracy. We need to be able to express our opinion for example in election. We should say things and problems out loud and not hide them


    I can strenghten democracy in my country this way: I will learn about it, discover new informations about it, voting after my 18th birthday.


    I think everyone in our country can strengthen democracy with learning more about it ,volting the politicians in government they sympathize even there is small chance they win and at least people can try to change our country into better place


    My opinion is that young people should be more interested in politics and democracy. Unless young people know anything about democracy or what has happened here in the past, they cannot make the right decisions. We cannot repeat the same mistakes that have happened in the past, such as concentration camps. Parents and teachers should teach children democracy, freedom og choice and right. We can strengthen democracy by learning about it. My class teacher gives us a lot of lectures on democracy that always make us think about it and realize it.


    in my opinion, I can contribute to democracy by educating myself. I can be more interested in history, I can discuss more about problems from my country with older people who probably understand much more than I do about political problems.

    Andreea Mariut

    Democracy is freedom. To strengthen democracy in our country we have to respect people’s rights and give them the opportunity to express themselves.


    First of all, we need to learn about democracy and then teach others that need our help. Becoming interested in the political system, the active participation in civic life and protection of the human rights of all citizens are things that I can do to strengthen democracy in my country.

    Iosif Alexia

    Democracy can be strengthen by the people who live in that country. I can strengthen democracy in my country by making good things for the comunity. The inequality is an important issue in a democracy country. We can solve this issue by showing that all of us is equal. A good democracy can develop through people who can make efficient changes for their country.