Survey about the project

  • Dear students, fill in this survey about our project and let us know what topics of the project would you to work on. We will try to involve them to the project according to your suggestions. 

     Results of the questionnaire

    The involed schools from Slovakia, THE Czech Republic and Romania work on the project M@pping the Milestones of Free Europe. The students filled in the questionnaire to say how they like the project - Here it is and the results of the questionnaire made by students and teachers are here too:

    The project „M@pping the Milestones of Free Europe“. The project has been  filled in by students of participating schools who did the survey about the project. It has been used survey to get the information from the students . Here are the results of the survey.  The total number of students who took part in the questionnaire was 42. There were three questions given in the questionnaire and all of them were answered by participants of the survey. Here are the results:

    On question No. 1 „How do you like the topic of the project " M@pping the Milestones of Free Europe“ 100 % participants answered – they like it. This means all the students are motivated to work in the project because they consider the topic of the project as very interesting.

    The question No. 2 „Do you think we can learn something new in this project?“ 92.9 % participants answered – yes a lot, 7.1 % think they can learn a little bit more than in they know now. It means the students are eager to learn and get new knowledge from work on the project.

    The question No. 3 „Write the topic, you would like to discuss in the project M@pping the Milestones of Free Europe“ participants of this survey answered like this: There is the list of the topics they would like to discuss in the project.
    According to these results it is possible to say, that students are really satisfied with the project and they are willing to discuss various topics in this project and work on the project  is a great opportunity for students to understand the issues of democracy and knowing the milestones of European countries to democracy as well.