Romanian team

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    This is Romanian team. Students of 11th grade A at The National Pedagogic College Constantin Bratescu in Constanta, Romania. A group of students from 10th grade A of  The National Pedagogic College Constantin Bratescu in Constanta, Romania has been involved in this project about democratic revolutions of 1989.

    Students love working on eTwinning projects about topics: totalitarism, democratic revolutions in Europe in 1989, history of different countries. This year our students chose the project "M@pping the Milestones of Free Europe". Students are using different ICT tools and create different videos about our collaborative work in teams with our partners from Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Students of The National Pedagogic College C.Bratescu love reading and travelling . The Romanian team is happy to cooperate with Slovak and Czech students to discover what means to be active citizen and promote democratic culture and importance of freedom and democracy for people.