Velvet Revolutuon in the CR and Ostrava

  • Velvet revolution in Ostrava   After the demonstrations in our capital city Prague all ideas of the revolution started to spread through the whole country. After a couple of days also Ostrava was hit. This lead to another sequence of protest and manifestations. It did not take a long time and even in eastern part of our region the communism regime was overthrown. It is no wonder, that people desired after some changes. Their life situation was poor and they did not have any other opportunity how to prosper. It seems that political change was wanted from the beginning by everyone. However, Ostrava is located in industrial region where mineworkers lived. They were advantaged by previous communistic regime and they didn’t agree with revolution. Luckily young students, actors and many other people were travelling trough whole country and also to Ostrava and they were convincing others to change their mine and fight against communism for their freedom and liberty.  They were successful and the citizen of Ostrava also joined demonstrations.