Slovak team

  • This is a Slovak team. Students of 1.B at Business Academ in Levice, Slovakia

    A group of students from 1.B of Business Academy in Levice Slovakia has been involved in this project. Students like working on eTwinning projects oriented on human rights topics, projects about humanity, peace and we also work on projects aimed at European issues and this year the project about democracy, namely about milestones of free Europe and 30th anniversary of velvet revolution in the former Czechoslovakia and other revolutions in Europe . Students  are keen on using ICT tools, we make a lot of materials, videofilms about our activities and we are a great collective of young people willing to cooperate with students from the Czech Republic and Romania in this mutual project. As all the young people students of Business Academy in Levice love travelling. They have plenty of hobbies and activities connected with sports. A Slovak team is really glad to cooperate with Czech and Romanian students in this project teaching and leading students to understand what freedom and democracy mean for them :)