• The State Scientific High School “Enrico Fermi” of Policoro provides an educational service suited to the needs of the students and their families and to the local demands. This school aims at exploiting the European dimension of learning and promotes the use of the new technologies.



    Our school is a State secondary school, the biggest in our district: 67 teachers, 3 native speakers (English, French and German) work in our Lyceum and 700 students aged 14 – 19 are educated for 5 years.

    WE have three different profiles or programmes concerning the Scientific high schools:

    • Scientific;
    • Linguistic;
    • Technological.

    Moreover, since 2012 there is also a Technical profile which is oriented to transport and logistics.

    There are subjects which are common to all our Lyceum programmes, such as Italian, Mathematics, Physics, English, Chemistry, History, Philosophy, Arts, PE and Religion, although the number of classes per week varies according to the profile.



    In the Scientifc profile students have also Latin; in the linguistic profile students also have Latin, French and German classes and they have one lesson per week with a native speaker; in the Technological profile students have Computer classes and more classes in laboratories (Chemistry, Physics and Computer).

    The new born Tecnichal profile is aimed at preparing technicians for shipping or for logistics and apart from technical subjects they also have law lessons.

    English is a compulsory subject in all our profiles and students have 3 lessons per week and 4 lessons in the first two years of our Linguistic programme, where also a native speaker operates.

    By the end of the fifth year, all our students have to pass a State Exam , usually passed by the 100 per cent of our students, which enables them to continue their education at Universities or similar organizations.



    Our school is equipped with several Laboratories: Languages, Chemistry, Physics, Computer, multimedia, Drawing , where students can regularly follow lessons.



    There is also a wide auditorium a nice Conference hall, a library, a gymnasium.

    Our school is deeply committed in the study of English and foreign languages: as a matter of fact, we organise afternoon optional English lessons aimed at the B1 and B2 Cambridge University Certifications and since 2005 we also arrange school exchanges with European schools (The Netherlands, Germany, Poland) because we want our students to practice English and the other studied languages in the real world and we also want to open our students’ mind and make them “feel “ part of Europe, learning the "beauty" of the diversity.

    Our school also had a Comenius Project 2011-2013“ Come closer: my world is your world” from 2011 to 2013, involving seven Countries (Spain, Romania, Greece, Holland, Sweden, Turkey and Italy). It was a successful international experience for everyone in our school.

    We often host foreign students with AFS Intercultura International organization.


    There are a few students with special needs who have a specific teacher for 18 hours a week and our school is partially equipped to teach them.

    We have a few students of different nationalities because their parents have moved to live in our area: Albanian, Chinese, Polish, African. We try to prevent them from social exclusion and we provide them equal access to learning and other school activities, although they are often very motivated and motivating for the other.

    Recently, we have suffered from drop out problems and we have arranged special supporting afternoon courses to help the students in need because as a school, we aim at developing in our students the necessary abilities, confidence and self–esteem to face all the challenges of our globalizing world and increasing demand for internationalization, especially as many of them, because of the socio-economic situation of their families, in this aspect can rely only on us. This is one of the most important objectives of many projects done in our school.