• Our eighth project meeting was held on 13 - 19 November in Lithuania. We visited the third biggest Lithuanian city called Klaipeda. The host school's name is Klaipedos Licejus. It is a comprehensive school for students from the pre-school age to teenagers focusing on mathematics and English. We explored Klaipeda and Vilnius. The activities were really interesting. We made a dance choreography, jewellery, baked bread and made lollipops. We aslo learned a lot about the history, traditions and education system in Lithuania. One of the most memorable moments was our visit to the education centre for visually impaired children where we learned to percieve the world without sight like space perception and orientation using the white cane, they showed us how to recognize banknotes and coins, peel apples, pour yourself a glass of water but also to paint and make a little sculpupture. We also presented our little poems written by our students. it was amazing to listen to students' poems in their mother tongues. It was an amazing experience for all. Thanks to our project meetings we realize how important it is to get to know other cultures and to present the best of our own culture. 

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