• This morning I walked up the stairs when I "captured" Krupova wants to tell me something. I did not know what was going on. It is said that "Dominik of V.B. I did not remember her surname. When Dominique came out of class, P. p. Krupka recommended us to sit down. We instinctively chose a couch that was in the hallway (otherwise, I always thought who was there). She told us we were going to Portugal. I smiled like ***** but otherwise. It was also incredible to me!
          When I talked at home, I spoke very carefully. I still felt that I was just misunderstood.

          Sometimes I've been writing with the babies who will come with me. Interestingly, one of them sometimes goes to the bus with me - Monica. About Dominica I basically do not know anything. We do not have a common theme.
          We should have made a presentation of our school. I totally chuckled. It'll be cool. First and foremost it will end up being present in real time. But I take this as a positive one; Surely I will say it and I am not afraid of it.

          After several unsuccessful attempts to contact my "new family", I finally managed to. Trapas as a bastard. I really wrote: "I am relatively thin." Was I really able to plunder? Oh my God. Well, nothing, no matter. Once I go to Portugal, I can not change anything. Actually, I do not know how I got there, I do not care what you think about me.
          My new brother, Henrique, was quite trying to speak, so I did not know much about it. The only thing he does is gymnastics and programming.

          I wrote a few more emails to Henrique.
          I have a book "Practise your English" at home. I should start reading it so I'm ready to go to Portugal.

           I'm leaving tomorrow morning. I have a homework to write some style for Lara and some biology project for Javier. There is no chance I can get it. I've tried to do something for Lara, but it's unnecessary - it's just not possible. I should not leave everything for the last minute.
    From the book "Practice your English" I basically did not read anything. Never mind.

          Everything is fine. In the morning we came to Kaufland and put it in the car. Then we picked Dominica in Zvolen and went straight to Budapest. The airport was not as big as I imagined. Maybe I should not be watching movies from world metropolises. When I hear the word "airport," I'll introduce JFK airport in New York or Shanghai, where the Maglev train runs at a maximum speed of 431 km / h. I never thought that airports could be small as well. But what else would I expect. Budapest does not have 1 750 000 inhabitants. I was surprised that I could not take more than 100 ml of fluid into the aircraft. Or in one pot? It was not entirely clear. Either way, we all had to drink the water we had from the house. I would not even say that the whole litter can be drunk on the seating.
          The flight was great. Charles de Gaulle Airport was another coffee. It was much bigger than Budapest, but more clear.
          We arrived in Lisbon in the dark. Basically, all those who sat on the left side of the plane watched the ocean. On the right we watched the girl sitting by the window, which for the first two hours photographed the ocean, then the sunset. If she did not make 300 photos, not one. Special. A few minutes after the sun set, we started to see the lights down. Perfect timing. It was amazing. Lisbon, as well as the other harbors in the bay, lit up like Christmas trees. It's one of the views that look interesting in every movie, but it's really exciting to your own eyes. Most of them have taken bridges that have been splendidly illuminated, and it's all reflected in the surrounding water. It will not be easy to forget.
          My new family is cool.

          We were at the castle in Sintra. It is a beautiful historic city. I have a shot of photos. We were still at the workshop, but it was badly organized. There have been too many.
          When I was getting "home", my family started to cook. Only a very few homes in Portugal are ready for heating. I was lucky.
          I had a "Caldo Verde" soup for lunch. Ruth said that in Spain, soups do not act often, so I was rather surprised to see that in Portugal yes.
          I got another shock that opened my eyes. Again the idea of ​​yesterday that the unexpected is to be expected is confirmed.

           There are no dubbed movies in Portugal. The vast majority of foreign films have the original sound. They just have their headlines. So, every Portuguese speaks English in the way the Slovak speaks Czech. The more I know about the others, the deeper I get.


          Yesterday evening, my "adoptive father" took me to the city tour. It can not be described with words, just a splendor. Like the movies from Cuba, where the sun sets in a pure orange horizon, and the water is lit by the street lamps at night, and by day the sun itself.
          Today we were in Lisbon. It was overtaken by a yesterday's walk in the evening. In the historic center, we walked through the walls of the Lisbon Fortress. From this area there are remains of a man of the seventh century, p.l. I have a new collection of photos, but it is still not enough for the number of videos that the P.p. Tit.
          Again, my family has taken on interesting places. I was stopped by boys who played football on the beach. It was almost dark and a terrible wind blew. The water had to be even more cold.
          And we were in the dining room tonight. It was all. Everyone ate very slowly and I sat down badly, so I did not have a word to talk to. The original intention of the restaurant was to have a pretty prospect for the city because it is situated in a large height and basically the whole is glazed. However, it is not convinced that when the interior is lit, the interior reflects from the windows and there was nothing to be seen outside.
          I'm starting to be allergic to Alfons. The Italian is too much of an extrovert.

          Again we cross the Lisbon Bridge and head to the oceanarium, which is located in the modern part of the city. I learned that this modern district was built due to the organization of the exhibition EXPO.
          Later on, we were still looking at some strength. I do not know what it was, but there was a nice view. I bought a commemorative coin. We visited another monument and then went to the bus. Meanwhile, some went to a nearby church. There were many altars inside. But what attracted me the most was a marble object resembling a chest. It was written that Vasco da Gama was there. But if there really lies, nobody knew me to confirm or refute.
          I slowly understand some of the words in Portuguese. It's similar to Spanish, just to be accustomed to pronunciation.

          Doobeda we presented the songs that our schools made. From the beginning I was afraid of what we were going to present ... Later, I learned that the song was made by another class for us. Such a stone fell from my heart that I almost heard it. I am glad that there is someone I can rely on to the extent that I do not even need to know about his activities. We all started playing the video of our creations. Then there was the vote, who was the best. We did not win because only the school with the largest number of votes voted for the winner. However, if medals were awarded in sports competitions, we would not go empty.

          Even during the pack I became aware of what a valuable trip was. When I return home, I should thank the school for giving it to me. I take it as a good investment for the future.
          We fly to Budapest, it's night. I do not know exactly how many hours it is. Suddenly, my cell phone started ringing. I idiot I did not turn it off and when I crossed the border I received 4 SMSs. But I had it in my bag and there was a slight noise on the plane, so I was not afraid someone would hear me. Until then, I realized what could happen if I did not use my cellphone ... But nothing happened.
          It was technically the 17th when we came to Slovakia. The house was unloaded in Zvolen. It was a shame that it was over, I did not want to believe it. A few minutes later, I also went out. I no longer had any energy. I talked about our trip for a while, and then I went to sleep.