• Institut Vilatzara is a state school located in the coastal town of Vilassar de Mar. It is the biggest one of the two state schools in the town. 60 teachers attend 600 students of the town and neighbour towns. Vilassar de Mar is 25 km far from Barcelona.

    The ages of students enrolled in the studies of our school are from 11 to 18. The studies are divided into two different levels. Compulsory Secondary Education – ESO is a 4 year cyle which comprises General studies. Bachillerato is Upper Secondary Education, which is not compulsory. Students generally take these studies prior to University.

    Our school promotes the use of new technologies. It is included in the curriculum the use of digital books, and a wide variety of programmes and platforms such as the Moodle, the virtual classrooms. Every student use their laptop for this purpose, both in the classroom and at home.

    Institut Vilatzara is commited to Teaching Foreign Languages in order to reach the interests of our students as much as possible, giving the opportunity to learn French and German as foreing languages, apart from English which is the compulsory foreign language. For this purpose the course every year alternatively a German or an English teacher joins us to enrich students knowledge of languages. On the other hand, exchanges with schools from Germany and France take place during the scholar year since 2012.

    International Projects that Institut Vilatzara has taken part in: 2011-2013 Connecting Classrooms, funded by the British Council, participating schools from Scotland, Spain, Bosnia and Poland. Currently, Erasmus+ Creativity Knows No Borders, a 3 year long project which involves 10 different European countries.