POLAND, Zyrardow

  • The ninth short exchange of students was held in our project coordinator's country Poland. we visited a nice town called Zyrardow in central Poland 45 km far from the capital Warsaw.

    The meeting was very nice. We did a lot of amazing activities. First of all the students get to know each other taking part in ice-breaking activities. The cultural programme was varied and we actively explored Zyrardow in international teams. Later we we spent a wonderful day in Warsaw, the most amazing activity of the day was the invisible exhibition, where we had a chance to perceive the world without sight. We went to a dark place and we used all our senses expect the sight to move around. Then we went to the National museum and sigthseeing. It was a great day.

    We also went to the third biggest Polish city Lodz. There we had some creative workshops- graffitti painting, decorating linen bags, etc.. Then we went to see the mural paintings by famous artists and our next stop was famous Piotrowska street where we took lots of photos.

    The creative workshops in Zyrardow were really nice - decoupage, Easter decorations, bookmarks. We really enjoyed all of them.

    One of the most important tasks  of the meeting was to present our audio descriptions of visual artwork.