PORTUGAL Monika Petrova´s eyes

  • 10 EU countries, 27 students, 10 cultures, 10 different languages.

    Can you say it is possible at all to bring this together? Yes it is!

    And I had the opportunity to experience it all on my own skin.

    On the second week of December, 27 students (except Belgium) met in Lisbon, Portugal, during the first Erasmus + project meeting. For me, the whole project consisted of learning new cultures, cities and, last but not least, new people. All of this I was more than surprised for six days. Working with students who do not speak my language and know how to communicate with them in English was amazing to me. The way one language can bring together so many people is more than admirable to me. Just as admirable as the city of Lisbon.

    Thanks to the Erasmus + project, I was able to get to know this beautiful city. We visited various cultural monuments, parts of the city, Oceanarium, which was unbelievable. In the middle of the tour, we worked together on workshops, but I enjoyed a lot of fun.              

    Finally, I would just like to add that, thanks to this opportunity, I have the opportunity to meet countless many people from all over Europe, to discover the other piercing city of Lisbon, but also to extend my horizons even though they are still small.

    Thanks: D 

    Monika Petrova, VIII.C