PORTUGAL short term learning activity in Dominika Mrazikova´eyes

  • 15/04/2015 15:22


    That's how we chose Erasmus Plus to Portugal. Our journey started very early in the morning in a car heading to the airport in Budapest. Let me say that we were traveling well and that was good. Portugal welcomed us and sent us a bus to the airport in Lisbon, which was the beginning of our future potential foreign friendships. Although we did not know what good relations between us in that short time, we knew that we would not be bored (the same present Alfonso xD was confirmed in the beginning). We got into the substitute families "under the rush of the night". Forgotten by the way, we all fell asleep with the hard sleep of the righteous after a single dinner of chicken + rice (as we discovered the next day).

    We wake up to meet the expectations of what will happen. Probably, there is often an hour or two at a time, and the question "What are we waiting for?" Has become a fairly common part of conversations. On the other hand, we've had enough time to get to know each other. Every day we took part in beautiful and exciting and great trips. For example, we have visited Lisbon several times, which I liked very much, the town of Sintra, which I liked even more, in the exception of the sunny weather, we went to the ocean and the beach. There we dug our heels in the sea so that they do not. We also had some common "workshops" on which we introduced our schools and landscapes and chose the anthem of the project.

     The basic living conditions in the form of heat, food and wifi in my case were a bit screaming, but at the same time it is necessary to highlight the exceptionally tasty Portuguese mandarins, an alternative looking library with a pleasant master and Internet connection and my spare mother who was very nice and still told me the story About each of the kicks of special subjects in her apartment.

    Maybe it would sound strange, but perhaps most of all I liked the common ways by a bus that created a very super chaos of languages ​​and nationalities that did not separate us at all, but it just connected us to a completely original mixture of noise and shouting and laughter. We learned to count on Finnish, Romanian, Turkish ... or we were singing the Italian fire anthem. And even though I did not want to talk or do anything after all, it was great to be part of it all.

    We enjoyed it just as we could, especially gala evening and night at the jazz club. I have been to visit, Tomas family, I can not remember xD. Unfortunately, as always happens everywhere, after the first two days I need for acclimatization, the trip is slowly coming to an end, and suddenly no one wants to go home. Of course, the tide of brooks, of course, broke out. It may be a cliché but I really think that Erasmus Plus and similar projects are good not only because they allow us to recognize the world in this way, but also show us that different languages ​​and cultures are not an obstacle either in cooperation or in communication, Nor in fun.

    And was a supeeer.

                Dominika Mrazikova, V.B from Slovakia