BRUGGE short-term learning activaty in Dominika Kubaniov´S EYES

  • 26/03/2015 14:31

    This year I attended Erasmus + in a beautiful Belgian city called Brugges. The aim of this programme was to create international friendships, get to know other cultures and represent ours; and mainly dance, what was also the topic of this week.

    The first day, due to our early flight, we explored the Capital city – Brussels. The famous statue Manneken Piss and Atomium were the main points to see on our journey. In spite of not having good weather the view from the highest gem of Brussels was breath-taking, and lunch in an Italian restaurant simply delicious. A bus tour provided us satisfactory overview of the city and the travelling and adventurous atmosphere prepared us for the following five days.     

    Later that day we came to Brugges. Absolutely tired, but still with smiles, we met our hosting families that took us to our new homes for a week.

    On Monday we got to know the VHSI school and had a small tour around the centre of Brugges. We saw the new concert a hall and also the old one so that we could see the difference between the modern and the classic architecture. Additionally, we were shown detailed interior of these majestic buildings, what I found very interesting to see all the places in the theatre where people usually cannot go. The last monument was the Belfry tower with 366 steps. But the 360° view was wonderful so this small workout was worth it J.

    On Tuesday we attended a very fun dance class where the school’s students taught us contemporary choreography. After lunch we had GEO catching activity that was situated in the whole area of Brugges. We (groups divided by countries) were supposed to find eight points with small poetry texts and take a picture with them.

    Wednesday was again very enjoying day. The first activity was the poetry workshop where every country had to recite a poem by a national writer and outline the message. Then we got a painting canvases and our task was to paint the message on them. Secondly, we had a long tour around the city with a guide which was one of the most interesting and unforgettable memory for me.

    On Thursday we visited Damme by bikes, which is a small town near Brugges. At the afternoon we had an African-dance class and playing on jambé, which was the craziest activity ever.

             Friday was for us either sad because we knew it was the last day for us, but the more we enjoyed it. Firstly, each country presented their typical dances. And even some of us brought their national folk clothes. It ended up being big fun when everybody started to teach their dances other people. This activity made us even closer friends and made saying goodbye even harder.

    After that, we had a logo competition. Each country was supposed to bring a few of their ideas for the logo of the whole Erasmus + programme and then every single participant voted for three of them, which they liked the most. Luckily, one of our logo from Slovakia won.

    Finally, our last memory from Belgium is the dance after-party with the typical Belgian evening meal. It was the last time where we were together with our international friends and either our families. We danced, talked and had fun until late night.

     Erasmus + gave me an unique opportunity to not only meet new people and visit country, but made me more confident about travelling abroad on my own. And I am also thankful for giving me the possibility to meet my hosting family, because they were such unordinary and hospitable people that I really liked J.

    Dominika Kubaniova, VIII.C, SLOVAKIA