Agrupamento de Escolas do Barreiro - Escola Básica 2,3 D. Luís de Mendonça Furtado
    Barreiro is a Portuguese town in the district of Setúbal, Lisbon. On the other margin lays the city of Lisbon, capital of Portugal. The school EB 2,3 D. Luis de Mendonça Furtado belongs to a large group of schools in Barreiro. It is a public school with 600 pupils from 4 to 14 years and 75 teachers. It integrates both Primary School and Elementary school.  Our school is a reference when it comes to multiactivity and extreme sports. The school has ICT equipment: TV's, Projectors, Computers and internet. 
    "Being part of ERASMUS PLUS is the best way of learning about other countries, it’s a breakaway for our pupils to have contact with a new common Europe. European projects are essential to develop key competences for lifelong learning and, according to European guidelines, to improve  key competences: communication in a foreign language, digital competence, interpersonal skills. The variety of countries and geographical location will provide an opportunity to share experiences to promote their participation in an efficient and constructive way in social life, to explore the European dimension using various aspects of curriculum areas, encouraging creativity."