• These videos correspond to the film made by the Spanish team, of the versions of our project anthem. There are ten different versions of lyrics created by each country partner. The tune used is the one composed by the Romanian team. The tune was chosen in the first mobility in Barreiro, Portugal.

    In the joint film, you can also enjoy the other tunes proposed by the teams of Slovakia, Turkey and Poland. The first song is the final version with the lyrics (made by the Italian team). The lyrics were chosen during the 3rd mobility in Policoro, Italy. It was recorded in Lappeenranta, Finland.

    All the videos were joined and recorded on a DVD. There is also a booklet which contains all the lyrics created by the countries. They are ordered regarding the chronology of the mobilities, except for the first lyrics which is the winner version.

    Each country was given the DVD and the booklet with the lyrics. 

    Made with Padlet