Diosd (Hungary)

  • The final project meeting is going to involve more students and more teachers from the partner schools and is going to last one day more to have enough time to perform all the activities. 

    There are going to be workshops and presentations on the following topics:

    1. Evaluation of the whole project, presentation of the coordinator using the evaluation criteria discussed on the first meeting in Gelibolu. Comparison of the first and second year results regarding the competences gained 5%(Mathematics, Physics, Science, Artistic skills, Music, Literacy, History).
    Statistics will be made comparing the first and the second year results of the students. The teachers' improvement of 10% will be discussed and verified through self-evaluation.

    2. The sustainability plan will be evaluated and a round table discussion will be organized to plan the follow-up activities.

    3. The dissemination plan will be discussed and compiled into a document.

    4. The created Virtual Museum made from the Cultural Heritage sites of walls and bridges will be presented in front of an audience, the invited people will be parents, students, teachers, partner countries' representatives, local representatives from the town council and members of the town cultural centre.

    5. A student and a teacher ambassador is going to be voted to disseminate and promote for a long-term all the results of the project locally to maintain sustainability.

    6. The Educational Integration Plan is going to be discussed, feedbacks will be made and the further development will be planned, also the possible suggestion and introduction in other schools would be a strong idea.

    7. Inviting 2 important organizations: Hungarian Blinds National  association(MVGyOSZ) and Deaf People National Organization(SINOSZ), their
    helping hands in the 2 years of the project work would be useful for everyone. Visit to the 2 institutions and having special tasks with students. How the Blind-Leading dogs can help the disabled people, there will be a special workshop and presentation to encounter these situations.

    8. Workshop using verbal communication(after the non-verbal one introduced in Skövde)-new foreign language techniques using ICT and web-tools. Using tablets in the language lessons-groupwork.

    9. The final exhibition and game-our project's main product with the title: We build too many walls and not enough bridges.

    The exhibition will contain the Virtual Museum, the technical works-bridges made by the students in international groups, using the previous knowledge from Volterra, our songs and composed music in Skövde, with DVD-s as presents to the participants. The exhibition will be advertised in the local media and important representatives from education, economic, political sector will be invited, among with parents, students, teachers and the representatives of our National Agency.