Objectives and concrete results

  • Objectives to achieve and concrete results to produce

    There are 3 main objectives, for three different aim groups.

    1. Students: should be given useful, modern tools, skills, abilities, competences to be able to find their own way of learning. Lots of these disadvantaged students are facing learning problems, not all pedagogical methods used by the educators are perfect for everyone, they need other ways of acquiring information. Providing educational tools, these students can form their skills and abilities, which will lead them to have the desired knowledge. This will give them self-esteem, self-confidence to become active citizens of their society and not to give up and drop- out from school.

    2. Teachers and school leaders: It is a must to have the educational methods to be able to build competences, deal with behavioural problems and help the students' integration. The teachers need to share best practices, to develop innovative curricula and take part in training courses. For this reason we have a partner, the Spanish school which has an expertise on integration, minorities, dealing with students who have cultural, ethnic, religious barriers and have educational programs at their school, which works successfully. After having a presentation from the Spanish partner, we will
    devise and elaborate an Educational Integration Program for all sectors regarding  special needs and fewer opportunities. This Program will be an impact of the project, first used and tried out in the European Erasmus+ partnership.

    3.Parents: The students usually take a role model from their families, the family's style and way of life will influence their personalities. There will be regular meetings with the parents, to help them learn about differences in society, fewer opportunities and stereotypes. The knowledge and skills development will lead the parents to destroy the stereotypes about disadvantaged people and help them build opportunities to find a way to help them and live together. These workshops will be made by experts.
    Other educational goals:
    -To avoid that influences may affect the communication between people and communities, creating visible and invisible barriers
    -To promote the growth of citizens able to pull down “negative” walls created by society 
    -To increase the students’ motivation towards the learning of European literary works, starting from the main subject: the wall and the bridge as two important metaphors
    -To promote the acquisition of curricular and cross-curricular competences encouraging the personal and social development of students, through revealing and absorbing activities to prevent drop-out
    -To encourage socialization between foreign and local students
    -To help the students, teachers accept each other, and prevent any type of discrimination