Agrupamento de Escolas Dr. Jorge Augusto Correia

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    Agrupamento de Escolas Dr. Jorge Augusto Correia is a public school grouping that includes all school levels from pre-school to secondary school with approximately 1800 students and 150​​​​​​​ teachers.

    The school grouping has four different school buildings:  a pre-school and primary school, EB1/JI de Conceição, two primary schools, EB1 de Cabanas and EB Horta do Carmo, a pre-secondary school, Escola Dom Paio Peres Correia and a secondary school, Escola Dr. Jorge Augusto Correia.

    The students of this school grouping are not only from the city but also from rural areas as well as fishing areas.  About 6% of the students are from other countries. The school is open to all, children, teenagers, adults and children with special needs. It offers educational solutions for students that want to take a degree but also to specialize in some fields and for adults that haven’t finished their obligatory or secondary studies.

    The secondary school offers two kinds of formation: courses oriented to further university studies and professional courses oriented to the preparation to a profession and integration in the work market. The first are divided in four areas: sciences, arts, humanities and economics. The second are chosen from a national pre-defined list, according to the demand of the labour market.

    Tavira is a coast city, located in the District of Faro (Eastern Algarve), it has about 13,400 inhabitants. The municipality area has 606.97square kilometers and 26,167 habitants. The municipality of Tavira has a large area of “barrocal” (ravines) and mountains, and its main productions are, in addition to fishery and aquaculture (Ria Formosa area) and a residual canning industry; salt, agriculture - with large orchards’ extensions, and the exploitation of the mountain resources (honey and cork, for example). The tourism industry is located mainly on the coast, exploring the large tracts of county beaches in Tavira’s and Cabanas’ islands.