Gelibolu (Turkey)

  • The first meeting will be a short term staff meeting for the purpose of organization and discussion. The teachers from the 6 countries will present their schools, their neighborhood and country, they will visit the hosting school, and they will have different workshops.

    1. The first workshop will be about discussion of the project activities, delivery of the products and milestones. The methodology will also be discussed and the project meetings will be fixed by dates. The selection of the participants will be made by different groups consisting of teachers, students and the headmaster of the schools, in this first meeting it will be discussed the number of them. The timetable of the project will be a helping hand for all the partners in planning their local activities.

    2. The second workshop will be about the distribution of tasks. In spite of the fact that before writing the project, they have already been distributed among the partners, the tasks have to be understood in depth and have to be discussed the deadlines for each task/each partner.

    3. The third and most important workshop will be of two parts. The Spanish partner will make a presentation about their expertise dealing with students having different barriers and integrating them in the normal teaching process. It will also be presented what kinds of educational methods and classes have been introduced in Spain for this purpose. The Swedish partner is also making a presentation on the same topic, their school also
    having expertise on fewer opportunity students. Then a round -table will be organized to discuss the situation in each partner country and at the end of the meeting an Educational Integration Program will be created with all the partners' contribution, which will be adapted and tested locally throughout the 2 years.

    4. On the last workshop other organizational issues will be done.The project evaluation methods will be discussed and an evaluation plan will be made by the coordinator. A sustainability plan will be devised and made by the Turkish partner. The dissemination methods and their frequency will be also discussed and then created by the Italian partner. Our communication and dissemination website, the Twinspace will be introduced and explained by the Italian partner.