Diósdi Eötvös József Német Nemzetiségi Általános Iskola és AMI- Hungary

  • Diosdi Eotvos Jozsef Nemet Nemzetisegi Altalanos Iskola-Diósd-Hungary

    School website: http://www.diosdiamk.hu/

    Our school is situated in Diósd, a small town in the suburb area of the capital city, Budapest. A lot of people commute to work in the capital city and the children are highly involved in the modern life of the city-they go to find entertainment there.

    Our small town has a population of about 10.000 people, mostly Hungarians, but also 2 other minorities live here-Swab Germans and Roma people. We all live in friendship -rtying to know as much as we can about each others traditions and culture.

    Our school is a Primary and Lower Secondary school with a Music Department. About one third of the students participate in the programmes connected to music and folk dances.

    Our local government, together with our school support all the intercultural programmes connected to the 3 nationalities. Our students have special talent for languages, and also Mathematics is taught on high level.