Skovde (Sweden)

  • The Swedish partner is going to make presentations about how their school operates with about 100 students, from this number, about 20 are with fewer opportunities. A teachers' workshop will be made, to share methodology and knowledge about the education system.The 2 main topics in the meeting will concentrate on building non-verbal skills for communication in order to build bridges, the desired self-esteem and make the students play and sing without having fear of not succeeding.

    These ty​​​​​​​p​​​​​​​es​​​​​​​ of a​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ctivities in the meeting are:

    1. Wr​​​​​​​iting songs and create​​​​​​​ digital music using ICT and a special application, 'Garage Band'. The lyrics of the songs will be a common work of the students and will be about equal opportunities in Europe.

    2. Walls in sport-pre​​​​​​​sentation for students and teachers about this category of sports which have walls as marking the place where ​​​​​​​the game goes on. Performing sports in international teams, competition with the participation of disadvantaged students. A Virtual Sport magazine will be created and disseminated.

    At the end of the meeting a concert is going to be organized, where the students are going to play their composed music and songs.To this event the hosts will have invited representatives from the local community such as politics and enterprise in order to disseminate the results and give confidence to the students.