Tavira (Portugal)

  • The aim of this meeting will be on sharing the information and having discussions about the previous research work: the metaphors of the Wall and Bridge in the partner countries' Literature and everyday life and stereotypes of the given nationalities and cultures. The students will have information about who they are and what the other people are thinking of their country and people.
    The methodology will include group work and a cooperative one,too. The steps for working about stereotypes are:
    1.Divide the participants in groups of different  nationalities.
    2.Each group writes on papers about what they   think it is typical of the host country ( traditions,   food, sports, famous people,...)
    3. Put the papers in a box
    4. The host participants will take the papers    and  say if they agree or not
    5. Show a digital presentation on the country
    6. Let all participants experience the culture:  live  music and dance, games, food.

    The metaphors will be presented by each country by Powerpoint or Prezi presentations. After the input, a round table discussion will be organized for the students with a teacher facilitator, who is asking questions. The questions will be decided before and sent by email to each partner by the host country.

    The students will attend lessons to encounter some Portuguese language and teaching methodology. Teachers will share experiences about the previous tasks, evaluation and feedback formats will be completed by both teachers and students regarding the meeting and the tasks. The expected results will be: knowledge of the Portuguese culture, building self-esteem and self-confidence with presentations and the round-table discussions, knowing stereotypes and destroying the first wall-that of the stereotypes'. The meeting will be integrated among school planning activities in each partner school and the host school has the task to organize the different activities, accommodation, programs, visits with the help of the local coordinating project team and other helpers.