Skövde, Sweden

  • Rydskolan

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    The school is located in northern South neighborhood Ryd with about 6500 inhabitants.

    Rydskolan is a school in the time that has high goals for their students and see multiculturalism as an asset. A state of the art school with a stunning and well-equipped facilities. ICT is used extensively. The school playground with play equipment, playing fields and not least our artificial turf pitch attracts outdoor activities.

    Rydskolan today covers preschool to grade 9, leisure and training school (foundation special school). The school also organizes language tuition and study. There is also a starting group for newly arrived students. The school focuses on small classes.

    For students who need extra adaptations or special assistance are Student Support (ES) consisting of special education teachers, special education teachers and student coaches. These are part of the overall student health which also counselor, school nurse, speech therapist, and school psychologist are included. The school works with flexible support initiatives that promote inclusion. All students belong to a regular class, but there are two smaller sections for students who need a smaller context. 

    The school's vision - VKS
    These values are extremely important in a school where many cultures meet. The primary objective is to provide security, mutual understanding and peace at school. All efforts are coordinated and monitored by the security team.

    Knowledge is the basis of students' opportunities for further development towards an active professional life. The school has high expectations for students. The teachers meet students with wide distribution of basic skills and must individualize instruction accordingly. Both students with good study conditions as those that need extra adaptations or special assistance has the right to fully develop.

    The language is an important factor to get good knowledge and develop skills. The school works language development in all subjects by increasing students' vocabulary, the desire to read and understand the spoken word. Besides SVA efforts (Swedish as a second language) made efforts to including school language support group.