• To start collecting evaluation materials, we are trying to elicit our initial attitudes towards European Heritage with the aid of an all-school survey. You can do it here https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ML9uf6xizkPtD3lfV2N2OE1bqm3BoHQN

    At the end of our project, we are collecting qualitative data in the FORUM here!

    To assess the extent to which each of the project Teaching. Training and Learning Activities (C1 to C6) fulfilled the project's macro goals and each meeting's objectives, we are conducting Student/Teacher surveys which you can access separately in the correspnding PAGES in this TwinSpace under the SubHeading: EVALUATION 


    To assess our initial cultural awareness of each other's countries, we are taking quizzes. First comes the Czech Republic! Everyone is invited to post their answers on this padlet except for our Czech partners, please!


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