Video Conference

  • Skype online video conference (in streaming) of students was held on 3rd February 2020.

    At first, all the participating students introduced themselves in eTwinning to the other participants (in the section Forum) and made their first mutual contacts between each others (responding to other students via Forum in eTwinning).

    During the Skype online conference on 3rd February 2020, students were presenting their presentations and explaining their cultural aspects important for European citizenship and at the same time, students of the other schools were completing a work sheet (prepared by teachers before the meeting) with the important information and cultural aspects. The results of the worksheets were checked  by students with teachers after the conference and an evaluation of the online conference was done via Satisfaction questionnaire for students attending the Online video conference. As at the beginning of the conference there were some technical troubles, there was not enough time for students to make the final conclusions during the conference. Therefore, the final conclusions of students were recorded during a few days after the conference and all the videos (as all the conference was recorded as a video too) were uploaded on YouTube.

    The main recordings can be found on the following YouTube channel: .

  • Skype video conference (in streaming)

    Recording of Skype online video conference (in streaming)

    Here you can click to get to our YouTube channel containing a recording of our Skype online videoconference and follow-ups - videos of our students commenting their conlusions of the video conference.

    Pictures Students Malta
    Presentation Malta Cultural Aspects
    Presentation Malta
    Presentation Denmark
    Presentation - school Academia Mercurii

    made by students of Academia Mercurii

    Presentation about Czech Republic

    made by students of Academia Mercurii