Final Product: Our E-magazine

  • A JOURNEY THROUGH CROATIAN, FRENCH, GREEK, ITALIAN AND POLISH CULTURES  (Click on the link to have a better view of the magazine)

    In this magazine we want to share with its readers what we have learnt and found out about the history, tradition and culture of Croatia, Greece, Italy, France and Poland.

    It will be a travel guide of the countries through their foods. It is going to be a tasty travel. Isn't it?

    The content of the magazine should be based on the written and visual materials we have uploaded on Twinspace. However, if you want to add something new, fell free to do that.

    The students worked on the magazine together.

    Magdalena Krzemińska, Julia Dudczyk, Karolina Smreczek, Karolina Kutaj- Zespół Szkół Nr 1, Limanowa (Poland), 

    Konstantinos Karambetsos, Lamprini Papakostopoulou, Georgia Stamoutsou, Katerina Zakka, Chrisoula Kyriazi, Poly Kokorou-1st Vocational School of Nafpaktos (Greece)

    Pauline Lefranc and Henri Labat -Lycée Pardailhan (France)

    Weronika Dębowczyk, Wiktoria Jankowiak, Katarzyna Sobczyk, Wojciech Szadkowski  - Zespół Szkół nr 1 w Goleniowie