Dishes or Desserts Based on the Food Festival Products

  • A dish related to the food festival

    Here is the «Tourin» recipe (Garlic soup):

    1 garlic, 2 lt of water, 2 eggs, vinegar, salt and pepper, 1 tablespoon of goose or duck fat
    Boil two liters of water. Melt a big spoon of goose or duck fat in a frying pan. Fry the garlic. Pour it in the boiling water. Add salt and pepper. Boil for 15 minutes. Just before serving, break two fresh eggs. Put the whites in the soup and stir. Beat the yolks with a little of vinegar. Mix. Dip croutons in the soup.
    The Tourin soup can also be made with onions, another appreciated condiment in France!
    «Crouton» is a French word. Do you know what it means? ►Toasted bread crumbs

    Must pudding

    You were all invited to our wine festival. We hope you've enjoyed our desserts made by the products of grapes. Now you are invited to watch how we prepare the must pudding- a traditional, fragrant and very tasty dessert- that has as main ingredient the must, while its roots date back to ancient times, where it was known as oinouta, a name that was preserved during the Byzantine period along with other names such as moustopita and pastello.
    Georgia, Vasilis, Katerina, and George have prepared for you a must pudding. Watch their video!!

    Gingerbread cookies

    Do you fell like tasting those delicious gingerbread cookies photographed by Weronika Ubik? Now, it's the best time to prepare them as they need to be stored for about 2-3 weeks before Christmas.It's a pity you can't smell their aroma.

    Before gingerbread became popular in Poland, the Slavic people had made a honey cake called miodownik. Its dough was made when a daughter was born in the family. Then the dough was stored in a cellar for many years so that it could be turned into a cake on the girl’s wedding day. This tradition shows how important honey was to people. The Polish lands of the Middle Ages were referred to as ‘the land full of milk and honey.’ Even today, we use the phrase ‘miód malina’(literally honey and raspberries) to describe something very tasty or the best in the world.
    Try out the recipe we used for baking the cookies.