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    Monika Pasionek

    I'm a teacher of English at Zespół Szkół Nr 1, Limanowa, Poland. Some of my hobbies and pastimes are English, literature, travelling and hiking. I'm really glad to be here in this project together with my colleagues and my students. I want to learn more about cultures and cuisines of other countries.

    Aspasia Mylona

    I'm a dietitian-nutritionist. I'm working as a teacher in the Food Technology department of 1st vocational high school of Nafpaktos (Greece). I like making hand-crafts, painting, reading and travelling. I love my job and I enjoy participating with my students to projects in order to promote creativity in learning and to develop through these exchanges knowledge, skills and abilities that will be very useful to my students and me.

    Anastasios Rizos Greece

    I am a teacher at the 1st EPAL of Nafpaktos, in the Mechanical Engineering Department. I live at Nafpaktos a beautiful seaside place. I believe that eTwinning programs help my students and me in a variety of ways (linguistic, cultural, social and professional).

    David Bégué

    I'm a teacher of English in a catering and hospitality high school in Auch, Gascony, southwest France. I love teaching English and most of all conversation in English. I also love travelling and arts and crafts such as quilting. This is my first E-Twinning project with a group of 12 students in a European section where they can have catering and hospitality classes in English. My students and I have learnt a lot through this project and have realized that we have a lot in common with our partners. Autonomy, creativity, a better understanding of others and ourselves as well as the use of many ICT tools are the benefits of this year's project.